Warranty Policy


All Cross writing instruments are unquestionably guaranteed against mechanical failure, regardless of age. Any Cross product or part requiring service under this warranty will be repaired or replaced at our store. A minimum charge for freight and insurance can be charged to send the instrument abroad for repair. Any such product that is no longer in production and cannot be repaired will be replaced by a comparable Cross Product. Leads, erasers and ink refills exhausted in the course of normal use, emblems and other custom decorations, are excluded from this warranty; also excluded are Fountain Pens nibs and other parts damaged from impact, unreasonable use or obvious abuse. The Cross guarantee extends our assurance of a lifetime of writing pleasure to every owner of a Cross writing instrument.


All Sheaffer writing instruments purchased after September 1 st 2019 will be guaranteed with a lifetime warranty for mechanical failure. The new lifetime warranty guarantees Sheaffer writing instruments against mechanical failures due to defects in materiel or workmanship, regardless of the age of the product. Any defective product will be repaired or replaced when returned to our store. This warranty does not cover loss, accidental damage, reasonable wear and tear, misuse or abuse such as improper use and care. The new lifetime warranty will completely replace tiered policy which varies based on the value of the product. Since it may take several months to sell through inventory with old warranty policy printed on the packaging, we will honour the lifetime mechanical warranty for all Sheaffer writing instruments purchased after September 1 st 2019


Every Waldmann writing instrument is characterised by design of timeless elegance, Imperishable value and highest quality. Waldmann guarantees the authencity of the material, perfect workmanship and perfect function. Each component is subject to strict quality controls. By purchasing a Waldmann writing instrument you have chosen a product of Solid Sterling Silver 925.

The warranty period for Waldmann writing instruments is 10 years and starts on the date of purchase. The warranty applies to any manufacturers defect, but not to loss, theft, accident, normal wear and tear, willfull damage, damage due to improper use or unauthorised third parties as well as the use of other accessories not manufactured or recommended by Waldmann (e.g. ink cartridges, convertors, refills, mechanics, components. Etc). The following are also excluded from the guarantee: consequences of aging, damage to surfaces caused by creams, perfumes, shampoos, household and industrial cleaning agents, chemicals, etc as well as skin perspiration.